Melanie Charlene, Author & Artist

At a Glance

Melanie Charlene is an author, artist and avid nature/gardening lover. Her work is geared toward inspiring children and adults to see the beauty in all things and find peace in everyday situations. She uses examples and experiences from nature, and draws inspiration from her faith to help encourage others in all areas of life.

Purpose and Destiny

Melanie's path to becoming a full-time writer, artist and the founder of Colrfall was neither a short nor a simple journey but it was tied into purpose and destiny. Melanie recounts: "...every job, every degree, every project... has prepared me to take messages of hope, love, grace and general positivity to those who need to hear it."

List of Works

  • "Five Birds on a Wire"
  • Garden Spy book collection: "Garden Spy Butterflies", "Garden Spy The Life of Fruit", "Garden Spy Bees", "Garden Spy Ladybugs".
Quote on Unity and Nature Explore the beauty of nature We share such a beautiful world
Children eat what they grow Take the time to ponder on the simple things, nature quote Most productive thing is to go outside and relax
Simple things are sometimes most complex Nature is a tonic Let children play outside