Garden Spy The Life of Fruit by Melanie Charlene (E-Book)


Digital download of the children’s book “Garden Spy The Life of Fruit” by Melanie Charlene. The “Garden Spy The Life of Fruit” e-book includes the same amazing photography, illustrations and information that can be found in the printed copies of this book. Enjoy the convenience of this e-book via your digital devices.

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Author, Photographer and Illustrator: Melanie Charlene


Do you know where fruit comes from and how they grow? Garden Spy The Life of a Fruit will help you to learn more about how fruits go from seed to fruit and then to seed again. Follow Greg the Garden Spy page-by-page as he investigates facts about how fruits grow and how to identify a fruit. Get a close-up look at seeds, plants, flowers, fruits and pollinators. Learn about interesting fruits that you may have never seen.

Garden Spy The Life of Fruit includes a reference guide filled with photos and the names of interesting fruit, vegetables, plants, flowers and seeds that are featured throughout the book. From ambarella fruit to zucchini, you’ll be sure to gain information on interesting fruits, where fruits come from and how we eat fruit that’s fresh from a garden.

Author, Illustrator & Photographer: Melanie Charlene

Paperback: 29 pages
Reading Level: Elementary
Language: English
Content: Text and Illustrations