Five Birds on a Wire by Melanie Charlene (Paperback Book)
Five Birds on a Wire by Melanie Charlene (Paperback Book)
Five Birds on a Wire by Melanie Charlene (Paperback Book)
Five Birds on a Wire by Melanie Charlene (Paperback Book)

Five Birds on a Wire by Melanie Charlene (Paperback Book)

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Five Birds on a Wire is sweet melodic nature-based children’s book that promotes scientific observation through a child’s senses and encourages the appreciation for the little changes that we experience in nature through the weather.

This read-alone / read-aloud book will inspire young readers and adults alike to look a little deeper and consider some of the everyday blessings that surround us. This positively uplifting book will surely bring smiles to little faces.

Author & Illustrator: Melanie Charlene

Paperback: 28 pages
Reading Level: Infant, Preschool, Elementary
Language: English
Content: Text and Illustrations



Five Birds on a Wire is a children’s nature book that encourages outdoor observation and exploration. The book documents the feelings and emotions of a curious child as she witnesses changes in the weather, plants and animals around her. Five Birds on a Wire features drawings of great kisskadee birds and tropical plants and flowers that are typically found in warmer climates. This book hearkens back to the simple childhood of the author, Melanie Charlene: the days when going outside and enjoying the sunshine, the rain and warm breezes was enough to brighten any day. Little readers will surely enjoy this relaxing and rhythmic book and learn a little bit about the science of weather and rain along the way. Kisskadee! Kisskadee! We hope that you’ll enjoy this gem.

Publisher Notes:
A sweet and uplifting children’s book that promotes relaxation, mindfulness and an appreciation for the present moment. Journey into this child’s environment; see, hear and feel her surroundings. Observe how she accepts and appreciates the little things in every present moment. This read-alone or read-aloud book is perfect tool for bringing peace and tranquility to any child at bedtime, quiet time or just anytime. “Five Birds on a Wire” is an excellent introduction to the basic principles of nature-based relaxation.

General Description: Picture Book with words. Excellent for first readers or read-aloud story time.

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Published: December 22, 2015
Publisher: Colrfall
ISBN-10: 1522747494
ISBN-13: 978-1522747499
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