You're on Your Own Path by Melanie Charlene (Paperback Book)
You're on Your Own Path by Melanie Charlene (Paperback Book)

You're on Your Own Path by Melanie Charlene (Paperback Book)

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The children's book "You're on Your Own Path" by Melanie Charlene is a poetic exploration of life's journey through the the story of a child who must persevere through a few challenges in order to get to a prized destination. While everyone else's journey seems a little less difficult, she must focus on finding appreciation for her own journey and the purpose within it. This encouraging and inspiring story reminds us all to embrace our own unique path with faith and positive thinking. 

Author & Illustrator: Melanie Charlene

Paperback: 29 pages
Language: English
Content: Text and Illustrations



You're On Your Own Path by Melanie Charlene shares the story of a little girl who has to travel along a sometimes challenging path that leads to a place that is made specially for her. At times, it seems as though the journey is too challenging and, at the very least, more challenging than everyone else's path. She quickly comes to realize that the path that she is on purposed towards building her faith and her application for the little blessings that surround her. "You're on Your Own Path" reminds us that there is a blessing in our journey, no matter how challenging it may be. All we need to do is set aside fear or worry, and embrace faith and positive thinking... we'll make it through our journey with good success.

Publisher Notes:

Kittle! Kittle! Pop! The little scooter goes… journey with a delightful little girl as she goes through a path that challenges not only her faith but her peace of mind. She is faced with a journey that seems to be different from everyone else’s journey, but she quickly learns that positive thinking, prayer, and perseverance will get her through it all. You’re On Your Own Path is a delightfully, rhythmic story that reminds us all that our journey can sometimes be more powerful than our destination.

General Description: Illustrated Book. Excellent for all ages.

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Published: July 19, 2020
Publisher: Colrfall
ISBN-13: 979-8629780892
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